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"The operational status is monitored by officers and non-commissioned officers at all levels below, and their display interface is more complex, and the lower the level, the more complex the interface they face.". As captain and XO, we have to focus on what we have to think about.. OK Let's move on: If I were a steel seal.. I'm assuming that again. What do you think of this hypothesis? "In my position, it is irresponsible to answer this question in any way." All right. If I were a steel seal, I would set the propulsion power directly to Forward Four, and no other ship in the fleet would be able to catch up with Natural Selection accelerating in Forward Four. "But you can't do it, even if you have the authority.". Only when all the crew members are detected in the deep sea state, the system will enter the "forward four" propulsion. When it is at the highest propulsion power, the acceleration of the spacecraft will reach 120g, and the resulting overweight will be more than ten times the limit of the human body under normal conditions. At this time, it is necessary to enter the deep-sea state, that is,Rotating sludge scraper, to fill the cabin with a liquid called "deep-sea acceleration liquid". This liquid is so rich in oxygen that trained personnel can breathe directly in the liquid, which fills the lungs and then the organs in turn. This liquid was conceived as early as the first half of the 20th century. At that time, the main purpose was to achieve ultra-deep diving. When the human body was filled with deep-sea acceleration liquid, it was balanced with the pressure in the deep sea, and it had the super-pressure-bearing ability of deep-sea fish. In the overload state of the spacecraft's ultra-high acceleration, the pressure environment of the liquid-filled cabin is similar to that of the deep sea. This liquid is now used as a human body protection liquid in the ultra-high acceleration of space navigation,lamella clarifer, hence the so-called "deep-sea state". Dongfang Yanxu nodded and said, "But you must also know that there is a way to bypass this test.". As long as the spacecraft is set to the remote control state, the system will think that there is no one in the ship, and will not carry out such detection, which also belongs to the captain's authority. "I'll do it. Do you think it's right?" Zhang Beihai also activated an interface in front of him and began to set the remote control status of the spacecraft, during which he looked at a small book in his hand from time to time. Now there are more efficient ways to record. Dongfang Yanxu looked at the small notebook and said with a smile. I'm used to it, especially for the most important things. I always feel that it is more practical to write it down like this. I can't find a pen now. I brought two before I hibernated, but that pencil still works. "But you're a fast learner." "That's because many naval styles have been retained in the command system, and even some nouns have not changed over the years, such as setting the propulsion power as'forward several 'and so on." "The space fleet originated in the Navy..". Ok You will soon be granted system access to the natural selection as an executive captain, disc air diffuser ,MBR reactor, and the ship will be placed on A-level standby, in your words at the time, ready to fire: Dongfang Yanxu stretched out his slender arm and turned around in the air. Zhang Beihai never learned to do this with a superconducting belt. We stopped firing, but I can see you know a lot about naval history. Zhang Beihai tried to avoid the sensitive topic that could easily make her hostile to him. A romantic branch of the military. "Didn't the space fleet inherit this romance?" "Yes, but I'm leaving it. I'm going to resign." "Because of censorship?" Dongfang Yanxu turned to look at Zhang Beihai. Her thick black hair bounced up again in weightlessness. "You often met this kind of thing at that time, didn't you?" "Not necessarily, but if encountered, every Comrade will understand that it is also part of the duty of a soldier to be examined." "Two centuries have passed, and this is not your time." "East, do not intentionally widen the generation gap, we always have something in common, in any era, soldiers need to endure humiliation." "Is this to persuade me to stay?" "No." "Ideological work, isn't that the word? Wasn't that your duty?" Not anymore. I have new responsibilities. ” Dongfang Yanxu floated lightly around Zhang Beihai in weightlessness, as if studying him carefully. "Are we all children in your eyes?"? I was on Earth once, six months ago, in a hibernator colony, and a boy of six or seven called me a child. Zhang Beihai smiled. You hardly ever smile, and maybe that's why you're so charming when you smile. Are we children? "At that time, seniority was very important. In the countryside at that time, there were also adults who called their children uncle and aunt according to their seniority." "But your seniority is not important in my eyes." "I see it in your eyes." "Do you think my eyes look good?" "Like my daughter's eyes." Zhang Beihai's quiet answer was quick and calm, which surprised Dongfang Yanxu. He did not take his eyes from the east, who was in the white sphere, as if the whole world had been hidden by her beauty. Your daughter, your wife, didn't come with you? Last I heard, the families of the task force were allowed to hibernate. They didn't come, and they didn't want me to come. You know, according to the trend at that time, the prospect of the future is very dark. They accused me of being irresponsible. Neither she nor her mother went home to live, but late the night after they left, the order came for the task force to leave, and I didn't have time to see them for the last time. It was a cold winter night, and I just left home with my backpack.. Of course I don't expect you to understand that. "Understand..". What happened to them later? ?” "My wife died in 47 years of crisis and my daughter died in 81 years." "They all went through a big trough." Dongfang Yanxu lowered her eyes,filter nozzle, and after a moment of silence, she activated a holographic display window in front of her, turning the overall display mode to the external state.


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