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Murder scene 1

The net friend uploads the chapter sixth chapter to meet Huanqingqing lying in bed thousands of turns there are worries and doubts Xiao Lin is back to S city He doesn't even have a place to stay in this city Where will he go Was there an accident or did someone stumble on it Qingqing didn't go to sleep until the wee hours of the morning When she fell asleep her heart shrank nervously into a ball She had a nightmare all night (The mobile phone novel station updates the fastest) When the doorbell rang at six o'clock in the morning she woke up sat up suddenly and stumbled to open the door When the door opened there was a black and blue man with a bandage on his head blood stains on the bandage many Detergent Chemicals blood spots on his coat and a horrible appearance Take a closer look it's Xiao Lin! Qingqing rushed over "What happened to you" I was worried all night Xiao Lin hugged Qing Qing and said "I'm sorry I wanted to surprise you last night There was an unexpected situation I was late for the plane at six o'clock I caught the midnight flight and arrived at your place at three o'clock I was afraid of disturbing your sleep so I waited at your door" Qingqing is in a hurry "Are you still waiting outside like this" What the hell is going on Did you get into a fight Or did you meet a robber Xiao Lin was reluctant to say "It's all over It's just a little skin injury" Unfortunately I didn't have time to take my suitcase There's a gift for you in it Qingqing snuggled up to him "You come back you come to see me is the best gift!" " She took him into the door This was the old house of the Tang family Tang Lan also had a room here Qingqing went to turn over Tang Lan's clothes and gave them to him "Have you been to see a doctor" Is the wound on the head all right The bandage is bleeding Do you want to change it again "No Qingqing I'm so happy to see you" Xiao Lin gently took Qing Qing's hand "I miss you you" Did you miss me Qingqing felt sweet in her heart but deliberately kept a straight face "No!"! I mean you worried me to death last night I called you but you didn't Answer What are you doing Is it inconvenient to answer the phone I heard that the girls in Beijing are very beautiful! Xiao Lin suddenly said "Ah" My cell phone Shit I left it there Qing Qing "Yes" Xiao Lin frowns "This can be troublesome I still have to take back there are all my contact numbers in the mobile phone!" " Where on earth did you forget Hotel or friends Just tell them not to do it "Uh" This situation is very complicated I'll tell you later! Xiao Lin looked at Qing Qing and said affectionately "Qing Qing let me hug you!"! For the sake of my sleepless night and standing guard for you As soon as Xiao Lin hugged him he lifted Qingqing up Qingqing giggled and beat him on the shoulder "Put it down I haven't washed my face yet!" Xiao Lin put her down and gritted his teeth and frowned But smile "My Qingqing natural beauty when is the most beautiful" Qingqing noticed his abnormality and opened his collar A wound on the shoulder was found which had congealed blood scab However China Chemicals Clearly it's a bite She took a closer look His face darkened "Why Xiao Lin did you fight with a woman" It looks like a pair of small teeth but the wound is very deep "What's wrong with you" People hate you so much that they want to take a bite of meat! Embarrassed Xiao Lin said "Qingqing don't think about it blindly This is a fire at the city gate bringing disaster to the fish in the moat!"! I was helping people and I got into trouble Qingqing looked at him suspiciously "Have you been in Beijing for less than a month" And make friends Xiao Lin has a quiet and stable personality and is not the kind of person who likes to call friends It's a long story Qingqing can I sleep first I haven't slept a wink in twenty-four hours and I'm beginning to feel dizzy! In the hazy second before Xiao Lin fell asleep he was very happy with Qingqing's reaction Xiao Lin didn't wake up until two o'clock in the afternoon Qing Qing looked at his bandage and insisted on taking him to the hospital to change the dressing "No we have to look at the wound again If it is not handled properly it will be inflamed!" To the hospital surgery the female doctor looked at the wound face on a board "You this young man too do not know the weight this wound to stitches so simple bandage how to go" Xiao Lin smiled sheepishly "I was in a hurry so I packed it in a small clinic" "You see after such a long time the wound is somewhat infected!" The female doctor disinfects the ground neatly has prepared the instrument to begin to sew the needle "The young fellow is so gentle also fights with the human" Was someone knocking on the head with a glass bottle It's a long cut It looks like it needs a few stitches The doctor looks at his Detergent Chemicals face again "The bruise on the face also needs a few days to be able to disappear oh the strength of this person's fist is not small this corner of the eye is all bruised and purple" You have to apply more ice cubes when you go home Qingqing and Xiao Lin came out and couldn't bear it any longer "What happened to you" "Knocked on a bottle bitten by a woman punched in the corner of your eye who have you offended" Xiao Lin still smiled Qing Qing glared at him "If you don't say anything I'll be angry!" Xiao Lin took Qing Qing's hand and said as he walked "Did you hear Qing Yang say that I have a half-brother the son of Xiao Chu" Qingqing nodded "I know Wasn't I there when Qingyang told you" Xiao Lin sighed with emotion and said "The world is really small You know I met him on the first day I arrived in Beijing" "Who did you meet Xiao Chu's son" Asked Qingqing strangely "Yes his name is Xiao Wanlin Well he has settled down in Beijing He is very nice I mean he treats me very well" "This Xiao Wanlin knows" Uh Know about your relationship Kobayashi sighed "I think so" He was two years older than me Was he ten years old when my father died Children are very sensitive and he has seen my mother he can certainly see something from the adult's eyebrows or his mother has told him Qingqing looked at Xiao Lin with pity and weighed his words "Oh I should be happy for you He is your relative Half of the blood flowing in your veins is the same!"! It's his nature to treat you well Xiao Lin didn't say anything He clenched Qingqing's hand Qingqing gave him a warm smile "Do you often spend time with this brother of the Xiao family in Beijing" 。


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