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However, the pain of this internal injury soon disappeared and could not be felt. Moreover, when Lin Xun's operation is immortal, the effect is even more amazing. In the blink of an eye, the internal injuries have completely disappeared, leaving no future trouble at all. Such a perverted repair power is amazing! Lin Xun's black eyes are bright and his heart is full of joy. This kind of repair ability is extremely useful, especially in battle, when fighting with the enemy, if he has extremely abnormal defensive power. Later, Lin Xun carried out many tests and finally concluded that if he suffered from skin trauma, the power of the Immortal Avenue could repair itself in the shortest time. Even if the injury is extremely serious, it will not stop the power of this repair. If you suffer from internal injury, you need to run the power of the road and consume a certain amount of power. After all, no matter how wonderful the profound meaning of the Great Way is, it also needs to run its own cultivation for imperial use, which is bound to produce consumption. However, this consumption is minimal and far more effective than swallowing a panacea for healing wounds. Swallow the elixir, but also need to find the opportunity, can run the power of the road, do not need to be so troublesome. Especially, if you meet a peerless enemy, you can have an absolute advantage in the battle against each other. This is only the immortal power of the rhyme of Tao. How powerful would it be if it reached the meaning of Tao,stesweet stevia, or even the truth of Tao? Lin Xun secretly decided to spend more energy in the future to temper the power of the immortal road. With such power, it is no different from a few more lives, even in the face of fatal danger, but also have enough opportunities to resolve! "I don't know how many things have happened outside for a month." Lin Xun got up and looked into the distance. Uh Soon, he noticed that there were many figures hovering on the banks of the Star Chess Sea. Maybe we can get some information from them. Lin Xun thought so, and as soon as his figure flashed, he swept toward the side of the Star Chess Sea. On the banks of the Sea of Star Chess, there are many monks wandering around,pumpkin seed extract, men and women, from different orthodoxy forces, all seem to be waiting for something. A month ago, it was here that the earth-shaking battle in the Holy Land was staged. Six saints attacked, but the result was easily suppressed. The mysterious woman's means were absolutely immeasurable! Some people sigh with emotion. There are still traces of dilapidation left by the confrontation in the Holy Land, which has become the focus of many monks. This matter has long been clear to the world, this time I wait to come, can be heard, some of the old top Tianjiao people want to come here, to challenge the forest demon God! "That Lin Demon God in the Star Chess Sea to kill the king, kill Tianjiao, itself is the first person in the list of small giants, in the younger generation set off a monstrous sensation, I also heard that this makes many powerful characters can be very unconvinced." The ascetics in the field are talking about it. They came here because they heard that many peerless figures who had been in seclusion for many years had come out of some orthodoxies recently, and they all wanted to take this opportunity to see how Lin Demon God was. Speaking of it, naringenin price ,carnosic acid price, in this month's time, I don't know how many top tycoons have been born in the world, and there are also some ancient freaks and wizards, which can be called a galaxy of stars, each leading the way. "In contrast, this month Lin Demon God is like silence, the world can no longer hear his news, its edge can be covered invisibly a lot." "Oh, Lin Demon God is strong again, after all, the inside story is too shallow, which may be compared with those old giants?"? Let alone talk to those ancient freaks. "The world suspects that Lin Demon God is now hiding in the Star Chess Sea. Let's wait. According to the news I got, some peerless people will come soon." All the ascetics are speculating and looking forward to it. When Lin Xun came to the side of the Star Chess Sea, he heard all these comments. He sat motionless on the nearest island to the coast, intending to continue listening, in order to judge how many sensational events had taken place in the outside world in the recent period of time as the world approached. As for leaving the Star Chess Sea to make a living outside, Lin Xun has no such plan for the time being. Chapter 1106 at the height of its power. On the banks of the Sea of Star Chess, as time goes on, many ascetics come one after another. Talking and waiting for each other. "The news confirmed that it was an extraordinary talent from the Holy Land of Tianshu, named Chu Zhongtian!" "Soon, he will come here to suppress the forest demon God!" Soon, someone revealed reliable information, causing a shock to the whole audience. Is it the monster who has been born three times in the past thousand years and won the first place in the four-domain star list three times? "That's him!" "As early as a thousand years ago, this man was regarded as the peerless pride of heaven, leading the coquettish side alone. Every time he was born, he was like a startled dragon coming out of the deep and stirring up the world!" There was a constant discussion in the field, and it was obvious that everyone knew the origin of Chu Zhongtian. Hard dormant for a thousand years, only to wait for a chance to become king, this Chu Zhongtian can really endure! Someone sighed with emotion. In today's world, the personal fighting power of the top Tianjiao is not divided by time. Chu Zhongtian is really great, can be called a senior giant, but the world knows that when he was born for the third time, he was defeated by Yun Qingbai! Suddenly, someone sneered. Everyone was stunned, but suddenly remembered that it was true. When Chu Zhongtian was born for the third time, it was also the time when Yun Qingbai was in the limelight. He was only a few decades old, and he was already regarded as the first person below the king of the ancient wasteland. For some unknown reason, Chu Zhongtian took the initiative to invite Yun Qingbai to fight, and Yun Qingbai agreed without hesitation. Unexpectedly, Chu Zhongtian, who was favored by everyone, was defeated by Yun Qingbai and was strongly suppressed. At that time, Yun Qingbai once said a sentence that moved the world. "If combat power needs to be accumulated over time, can a pig that can live for millions of years be completely invincible?" The disdain in the words is undisguised. Chu Zhongtian, of course, is not a pig, he did not break the border, just to wait for the arrival of the world,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, rather than to occupy an advantage in the practice time. But in any case, he was defeated after all, and since then he has disappeared from the eyes of the world and once again entered seclusion.


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