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The branch is too thin, only a little thicker than a bamboo pole. It's all right for a child to lie on the trunk. Adults can't afford it at all. He had to shout to Liu Junhao not to let go, and then ran back to the village to call people. The noise was so loud that half of the village came, but looking at the location of the tree, everyone was at a loss what to do. The tree trunk is too high and too thin, so it is impossible to send adults to rescue it, and children are not up to it. Liu old man is the last to arrive, he is quite calm, while shouting for Liu Junhao to hold the trunk, while carrying a bundle of well rope to climb up the tree. Just in case, many families also brought their own quilts under the trees, and Liu Wuye even went to the wheat field to pull a cart of wheat straw piled on the quilt. When old man Liu climbed two meters below the branch, he pulled the well rope into a slipknot and threw it out suddenly, just on Liu Junhao's body. Then he shouted to release one hand, and then the other, so that the rope was completely wrapped around Liu Junhao's waist. With a rope tied, he also had a backbone, moving his limbs and slowly climbing down. During the whole process, old man Liu kept silent and grasped the rope in his hand until Liu Junhao landed safely. Have not yet come to celebrate the rest of his life after the robbery,mobile garbage bin, old man Liu's big palm has been turned over, according to his buttocks a hard beat. The buttocks hurt for a week, but after the swelling subsided, he forgot the pain and continued to make persistent efforts to make trouble. When he was a child, he was beaten countless times because of climbing trees. You go to the village to inform people that you'd better take our quilt as a cushion later. Having personally experienced this dangerous thing, Liu Junhao naturally knows that the longer it drags on, the more dangerous it will be. If he loosens his hand a little,foldable bulk container, the consequences will be unimaginable. Ok, I'm going. "Zhang Qian also understood the seriousness of the matter and rushed out of the courtyard.". In a hurry, she didn't even take off her apron. The other trees on the river pond are not tall, but the large elm trees are very strong, all of them are three or four stories high. So Liu Junhao went out of the gate and ran straight to the elm forest. This is Liu Junhao hurried to the tree and froze. Climbing on the tree is a little girl with short hair! The girl is bolder than the boys, and she dares to climb such a tall tree. But now was not the time to be surprised, and he followed the process of saving himself last time. Let her close her eyes and hold the elm tree in her hands. He trapped the well rope on his waist and climbed up the tree. No, I dare not let go. Get the rope down quickly. The girl was crying in the tree and shaking her head. She does not let go, the rope can only be put around the neck, so of course can not pull, Liu Junhao in the tree waist anxious no way. The situation is the same as the last time I met, the branches are not thick enough to accommodate the weight of the second person. You leave me alone.. I'm going to do it myself. At a loss what to do, the girl suddenly shook her head back and forth, wholesale plastic pallet ,spill plastic pallet, and the hat on the collar of her down jacket just clasped her head because of inertia, so she couldn't see anything clearly. Then she unhurriedly reached out and moved down more than ten centimeters. Finally, he landed on the ground happily. This is also OK. Typical ostrich policy! If you can't see the ground, you won't be afraid. Sometimes, a stupid way is just a good way. After the girl landed on the ground, she shouted excitedly, which made everyone laugh and cry. Why are you fooling around? What if something happens? There was a teal nest up there, and now the wild ducks have flown south for the winter, and there is nothing in it. Seeing that the matter was settled satisfactorily, Liu Junhao breathed a sigh of relief and quickly asked Chang Lei to call Zhang Qian to inform her that the matter had been settled. Teal's nest. Is it the kind you raise in your yard? The girl now looked normal, as if nothing had happened. Yes, "Liu Junhao nodded.". As long as he looked at the ordinary bird's nest, he could tell what kind of bird base it was. The nest on the top of the elm tree is as big as a washbasin. There are only three kinds of birds that meet the requirements: magpie, Qingzhuang and duck. But their nests are different, Qingzhuang's nest is the roughest, basically built at random, very easy to identify. Magpie nests are very similar to duck nests, which are made of branches, ropes and thatch, and are built on tall trees. However, magpie nests are mostly built on poplar trees, and the materials used to build nests are mostly poplar branches, and after the nest is built, a cover will be added to cover the rain. The duck prefers to use stems and leaves such as thatch, and there is no lid on the top of the nest. It's not a duck. It's a white bird that I've never seen before. It's as big as a fist. It's very strange. Chang Lei shook her head and argued. White bird, is it a pigeon? Liu Junhao thought carefully that there was only one possibility. Do you think I don't know pigeons? The girl argued angrily. As we can see, it's not a pigeon, it's smaller than a pigeon. I took two pictures just now. Several other people also talked about it. They wanted to take pictures on horseback in the afternoon, but one horse was not enough. Several girls waited impatiently and wandered along the river beach. As a result, they found the strange bird and tracked it all the way to the nest. The girl who climbed the tree was Wu Ruonan. Although she had lived in the city since she was a child, she was said to have been the king of climbing trees in the community. There is an apricot tree in their neighborhood, and every year when the apricots are ripe, she climbs to the tree and hits them. Just now, a large group of boys saw the bird's nest and thought it was too high to climb. Finally, Wu Ruonan gritted his teeth and took the camera and climbed to the treetop to take pictures. But when she went down the tree, her feet were empty, her trouser legs were broken by the branches, and she could not get down from the tree. Her parents were so prescient that the name really matched her, what's the saying. As the name suggests. Women are not inferior to men. Liu Junhao doesn't know what to say. People have nothing to say, everything is fine, and now he is interested in the photos taken by several people. You see, this is what we just filmed. It's very clear. Have you seen it before? Chang Lei said and handed over the camera. In the camera is a snow-white bird, which is pecking grass seeds in the grass. The photos are very clear and can easily distinguish the bird's mouth,plastic wheelie bins, feathers, claws and so on. I've never seen this kind of bird before. Except for pigeons and egrets, there are no white birds perched near Liujiagou.


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