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The attendant moved quickly and immediately adjusted the furnishings inside, placing a large soft velvet bench in the middle and two small round tables on both sides, with a pot of green tea, two dishes of snacks and a few fruits on top. Bai Li is very anxious: "Can you eat?" "Yes." He smiled. "I asked someone to prepare more specially. You can eat a few bites of everything." She cheered up at once. It was better to be able to eat, drink and watch the show than to sit around. But the prince's thoughtfulness was more than that. He found two cushions for her, one on her waist and the other on the back of her neck. He told her, "You can lean on the back of the chair a little, but you can't lean on it. If your neck is sore, you can lean on my shoulder." Bai Li lifted her skirt and went to sit down. She took the time to adjust her sitting posture. Her legs could not be warped, but she could not put her hands on her abdomen like a kindergarten child. She was too restrained and had to be a little more casual. Zhao yuanchen waited for her to find a suitable posture before sitting down beside her, maintaining an intimate but not intimate distance: "OK, the waist is straight." Bai Li raised his head and held out his chest. By the way, he touched his stomach and sighed: "Thank the drillmaster for letting me stand in the military posture. Sweat is better than tears." Zhao yuanchen smiled, he really liked her optimistic and playful spirit, deportment training must be bitter, but she never complained about anything, will only blow their own foresight, endurance. It seems that when the sky falls down, it can be used as a quilt cover. How can you not be happy with such a person? "Why are you looking at me like that again?" Bai Li took a quick glance at himself and asked nervously,Automatic nail machine, "Is your hair in a mess?"? This is a good shape, can not be called chaos, called random! Zhao yuanchen laughed: "No, very good, very good-looking." Bai Li, who was praised, immediately became beautiful and said happily, "I also feel that I am really good-looking today,Nail Making Machine price, so I am willing to put up with this overweight crown." The radian of Zhao yuanchen's lips is deeper. At eight o'clock, the Spring Festival gala starts on time. After singing and dancing, the host said the opening words, and when Zhao yuanchen was mentioned, it was unavoidable to give them a shot. Bai Li: [standard smirk. JPG] The camera lasted about three or four seconds and then moved away. She breathed a sigh of relief and secretly compared herself to a scissors hand in her heart. Unfortunately, although she feels very good about herself, the outside world's comments on her are not very friendly, even a little harsh-this is not surprising, the Crown Princess means marriage with the best man in the empire, means future supremacy, means that 99999 99% of people can not reach life. People must hope that she has extremely outstanding conditions (far better than her ordinary self), so that she can be worthy of the extraordinary status of "Crown Princess". With Zhu Sha's condition, she has also been criticized a lot after being exposed as a suspected Crown Princess, iron nail machine ,Coil nail machine, not to mention Bai Li, who is not as good as her in all aspects? If you intercept the network data within 30 minutes of her being on camera, most of the comments are like this: My God, she's so ugly. Can such a person be the Crown Princess? I can't believe that a girl from a slum.. Look at her manner. No ordinary girl would have such a rude gesture. The Royal Family's Greatest Shame, the Crown Prince's Only Mistake Family background is not really important, but she was absent for three years before her first appearance, and she should give an account to the public. The Crown Princess of Serious Dereliction of Duty, You Let everyone Down Only a few people tenaciously expressed their blessings: The prince married Cinderella. Isn't this a real fairy tale? It's wonderful!] Love should not be confined to birth, family status, appearance, call the prince. In the audience below, Liu Yisi turned off the terminal and could not help sighing. Sitting next to him was his fiancee, Lilith, who glanced at him. "If you weren't friends with her, I would never support her.." I'm afraid she will be the Crown Princess with the lowest support rate among the people. "Oh, it's our turn to hold our thighs instead of Jusha?" Liu Yisi curled his lips, "while trying to borrow others to climb up, while diss her low birth, be honest." Lilith looked calm. "You're really protecting her.". ” Don't be so weird. Let me ask you, do you want her to come to the engagement party next year? No, I'll never beep again. Liu Yisi stared at her. I made a slip of the tongue. Lilith smiled and lowered her head very briskly. Thousands of miles away, Joe put down his chopsticks in the middle of the New Year's Eve dinner and quickly typed on the virtual keyboard, fighting against all the heroes: "What is ugly?"? Say someone is ugly and you have the ability to put your own picture up. It's useless to grow up to be a fairy. The prince doesn't like you!] She and people pinched for more than half an hour, but pinched, asked Tang Nana to help: "Nana, come and help me and people tear." Donna: [No time] Then I forwarded a post to her. Qiao Xi looked at a scattered essay, the central idea is that "the Crown Princess actually represents the interests of the broad masses of the people, from now on someone can speak for the interests of ordinary people, for most people is a good thing" and so on. Then, she listed how many benefits the first two empresses brought to their class after they ascended the throne: needless to say, the former empress directly enabled the aristocratic ladies to obtain the right to participate in politics through female officials; although the current empress was relatively aloof, she greatly promoted the development of art because of her love for art, and so on. As soon as I finished writing, I began to count how hard Bai Li worked in the university and shared the joys and sorrows with everyone, which proved her many advantages. Finally, I concluded that this was a great good thing and everyone should support it. Josh: [You're awesome!] Tang Nana: [It's meaningless for you to tear with people, the ass decides the head!] Tang Nana's post was posted on the BBS of Imperial University, and her sense of identity with the same university won her the support of her alumni. Brush again, Zhu Sha also made a post, implicit and reserved to praise the various advantages of Bai Li, as if their contradictions did not exist at all, replaced by "congenial", even the matter of Qiao Xi and Du Lu was mentioned, saying that she was "Frank and kind",Nail machine manufacturer, and the general flirtatious bitch, not the aristocratic class is not the same, personal consideration for vulnerable groups.


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