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HCW8078 Migration Endpoint was not created

It is trying to install the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) on the Exchange Server, but an error appears. It is HCW8078. Migration Endpoint was not established. What causes this error, and what's the solution?

How do I get rid from these manual steps?
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In the Hybrid Configuration Wizard, there are two options from the Hybrid Topology:

  • Exchange Classic Hybrid Topology

  • Exchange Modern Hybrid Topology

Exchange Modern Hybrid Topology

In the wizard for setting up, we chose the option to use Exchange's Modern Hybrid Topology.

?Does its Hybrid Agent install the HCW? There are four main phases:

  1. Download the agent installation package.

  2. The agent is installed on the local machine (note that this will prompt you to enter your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 Global Administrator credentials once more).

  3. The agent must be registered in Azure and create the URL that is used to redirect requests. The URL has the format:

  4. Examine the possibility of migration to transfer data from the Microsoft 365 or Office 365 company to your premises Exchange enterprise using the agent.

This time, however, there is an error.

Let's run HCW This time, and we'll select the Classic Hybrid Topology.

Solutions to HCW8078 Solution for HCW8078 Migration Endpoint was not Created.

When looking through the data logs, it was clear that the issue wasn't on our side but rather on Microsoft. After speaking to Microsoft and saying that the problem lies with them initially, they attempted trying to start the Office 365 tenant services. It didn't help. Microsoft made a ticket, and they were required to investigate further.

After a few hours, the team reached out to me and informed me that they had an issue with Microsoft at the company's end. This became a top priority since more tenants began to experience problems establishing a Hybrid Configuration Wizard. It took Microsoft approximately 24 hours to resolve the issue.

Following that, we repeat the Hybrid Configuration Wizard. It was a huge success!

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