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After the game was launched, everyone subconsciously went to open the copy record of the realm of God, of course, at the level of 75. The rest has not yet been born, and the first kill record of the remaining 20 people has already been born. In addition to these copies of the record, the public is to see, 5 people in this, there are several even hidden BOSS first kill has been opened out. After all, 5 people can play a little more times. These team players repeatedly brush, trigger hidden, of course, there is not much suspense to solve. Then I went to the group of players to have a look. It was as lively as when he got off the line in the morning. There were all kinds of discussions, and of course there were also topics related to the record. Most of the first kill record was taken by Xingxin! "Ye Qiu that guy, big night does not sleep, take their people to brush, can not be all taken down by them." "Does that guy really want to take his current team and overturn Jiashi in the challenge and return to the league?" "Didn't you say that there was no Ye Qiu on the registration list for the Xingxin Team Challenge?" "It's just a challenge. Members can often be changed and inserted later." Is he waiting for his comeback deadline! Speaking of, in fact, he can officially come back from today, right? It doesn't matter whether it's a comeback or not,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, does it? The challenge does not seem to prohibit retired players from participating. "It is reasonable to say that this is also a competition organized by the league, and there should be the same restrictions." "The problem is that it doesn't!" "Neglect." In fact, it doesn't make sense for him to announce his comeback now! Anyway, it's impossible for him to join any team freely in the winter transfer period. He must continue to rush with his Xingxin. "If Ye Qiu comes back to join Batu." "Joke, how can Ye Qiu join Batu?" "I mean if!"! If Ye Qiu joins Batu, the first five players of Batu, tut. "Don't talk nonsense about mud horses. It's terrible." "Ha ha ha, you're all trembling!" "This line-ups really makes people tremble." Someone echoed. Everyone looked at the name and was speechless for a moment. Jun,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, don't laugh. Now everyone knows that it must be Ye Qiu sitting behind Jun Moxiao. The great God dived. Those who tell jokes are ha-ha. Well, what level is everyone? Ye Xiu asked a very common question. Did not rise, a day to brush this, such a leapfrog brush method, in fact, experience acquisition is not as good as brushing level 70. One said. Yeah? It seems that it is better to hand over the role to practice quickly. "I don't know how many attribute points there are in the new task reward." "I don't know the skill point." "The new upper limit is 5500!" "It should be safe to get 400 points in proportion." "Damn, I finally have some skills again." It seems that the character's skill point is not very high, and he is troubled. Don't be happy too early, the new big move of level 75 hasn't come out yet! Maybe Calais will be more entangled by then. In an instant, the topic becomes ordinary again. The ordinary topic makes the players who usually fight to the death become relaxed. This is a rare moment when true friendship comes first. Chen Guo also finally found Ye Xiu at this time: "Right, today that little Chang called, about your comeback, do you have any plans?" Chapter 08 85 mental baggage. "Yes, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,S Adenosyl Methionine, I can come back. How time flies!" Ye Xiu's tone is also with some emotion, from his departure from Jiashi, it has been a whole year. However, I don't have to apply to announce it now. It's impossible to return to the professional circle this season anyway. Everything depends on next summer. Ye Xiu said. Uh Chen Guo nodded his head. Ye Qiu's comeback lifting of the ban day, staring at this news, in fact, not only often first such a small reporter. Apart from Cao Guangcheng, a reporter who has completely lost confidence in interviewing Ye Qiu, all those who eat the rice of glory and have a little news sensitivity have noticed today's double special day. After all, Ye Qiu is the number one figure in the history of glory, retired for a year, not to let such a famous God become a passer-by. What's more, in this year, the news of Ye Qiu's comeback has been circulating for a long time. Xingxin, who struggled in the challenge, and the shadow of Ye Qiu are so strong. All these constitute the reasons why many people will pay attention to this topic. It's a pity that everyone has been waiting for a day. On this day, there is no news of Ye Qiu's comeback through any channel. There is only endless speculation and gossip. Jiashi Club was also nervous for a whole day. Ye Qiu has organized a new team to kill the door in the challenge, and of course they will be on guard against Ye Qiu in all directions. When Ye Qiu announced his comeback, who knows what topics will be pulled out, so Jiashi has to be fully prepared for public relations. Manager Cui Li even called the team players together and held a special meeting on this matter. Remind people insinuatingly, roughly speaking, not to talk nonsense if they are interviewed about relevant topics. Cui Lizheng said this very seriously, and as a result, he heard a cold hum of disdain. As soon as Cui Li looked at it, he also had a big headache. Su Mu Cheng. When Ye Qiu was still there, no one had ever thought that Su Mu Orange would also be a thorn. In the eyes of everyone, Su Mu Orange always cleverly follows around Ye Qiu. Not much to say, not much to do. But now? In addition to the game will still seriously deal with, other aspects, we have never seen the original team that Su Mu orange. She did not hide her contempt and disgust for Jiashi now. Sun Xiang, Chen Yehui, Cui Li, and then to the boss Tao Xuan, almost no one has not encountered all kinds of soft and hard nails here, that once a good girl like the girl, as if overnight for a person. To tell the truth, Cui Li has endured for a long time, and he is becoming more and more impolite to Su Mucheng. Because at this point, Cui Li knows very well that after the end of this season, Su Mucheng will definitely leave on a free transfer. In fact, as early as the summer, Jiashi did not move the idea of sending Su Mu Orange away, but for various reasons, it failed to make it happen in the end. Now,Theobromine Powder, after the end of this season, people and money will be lost. When it comes to Su Mu Orange, all kinds of headaches and depression.


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