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"Yes, this is rumored to be the best sword in the world. According to the rumor, it should be sharp enough to cut iron like mud, so I want to try it!" Li Yang did not deny that he did think so in his heart. "But if the sword had not fallen on the ground so steadily and inserted into the stone ground, Li Yang would not have had such an idea." Mr. Li, that iron bar is what I usually use to carry things. If you want me to bring it to you immediately, you don't have to buy it! A man in his fifties laughed and ran out quickly. A minute later, the man ran over with an iron bar and handed it to Chen Lei. The iron bar was heavier than the sword. Li Yang asked Chen Lei to hold it, but Chen Lei was nervous again when he held the iron bar: "Boss, you have to be careful. Be gentle. Don't slip your hand and cut it on my arm!" After seeing the sharpness of the sword, Chen Lei, who was not afraid of anything, was really afraid at this time, and his whole face was bitter. Don't worry, I won't use too much force! Li Yang shook his head with a light smile and made a gesture at the other end of the iron bar. At this moment, he hesitated again. This iron bar is not thin, or modern solid iron, in case cut down to knock the sword edge,38 tube fitting, "that Li Yang did not cry to death in the past, this is the world's first sword Zhan Lu Jian, not something else.". However, at the thought of the scene of the sword sinking into the ground just now, Li Yang had great confidence again. "The tip of the sword is so sharp, and the blade should not be much worse.". Li Yang slowly raised his hand,ball valve manufacturer, and Chen Lei closed his eyes and looked even more nervous. The others held their breath and looked at Li Yang without blinking. They were also eager to know how sharp the legendary sword was. Raised a little higher, Li Yang waved his hand and cut it down. Li Yang did not use much strength. He was also worried that the ancient sword would be damaged. After waving down, "Li Yang obviously felt a piece of resistance, but then it became light, and the body of the sword had passed through the iron bar.". The iron bar, which was thicker than the thumb, split in two in an instant, and then fell to the ground with two clangs. A small section cut down by Li Yang fell to the ground by himself, and the other long section was thrown down by Chen Lei himself. When he thought of the sharpness of the sword, Chen Lei had a shuddering feeling and could not help throwing out the iron bar in his hand. "It's not easy to surprise Chen Lei, who is not afraid of anything." Cut iron like mud, good sword, really deserves to be the best sword in the world! Old Xu suddenly gave a loud cry, stainless steel needle valve ,stainless steel tube fitting, then clapped his hands vigorously, surrounded by forty or fifty people, "mostly the owner of the antique shop.". Some customers who operate antiques on the second and first floors and come to the Antique City are also running to the third floor after hearing about it. Li Yang is surrounded by more and more people. Xiao Tie is like mud, really cutting iron like mud! Li Yang also gawked at the body of the sword without any change. "Just now he tried the sword himself." He was most impressed by the sword. Thicker than the thumb of the iron bar, "he really cut up and cut mud almost, that kind of feeling makes Li Yang even think that he is taking this sword to cut mud." Rumor has it that after the completion of this sword, Ou Yezi cut a huge stone with his sword in order to test its performance. The huge stone was separated from the middle, and it became the appearance of the sword stone of Zhanlu Mountain today. Even if the rumor is exaggerated, it is not untrue. The sharpness of this sword is really hard to imagine! Old Xu sighed heavily, with this iron bar to testify, anyone will no longer doubt the sharpness of this sword, this is a real sword that cuts iron like mud. Netizen Upload Chapter 422 The First Sword in the World (8) "Ou Ye has a sharp point for several years, and the sword of Zhan Lu is also leisurely!" Wang Jiajia also sighed lightly. Wang Jiajia is a liberal arts major. She has a certain study of history. She also has a certain understanding of the most famous swordsmith in history. He has also been to some rumors about Zhan Lu Jian. Apart from anything else, Master Ou Yezi can cast such a sharp sword, which is the first person to cast a sword at all times and in all over the world! One of the onlookers sighed loudly that Li Yang had been surrounded by hundreds of people for a while. Boss Yu's lips trembled twice more, and his face looked bloodless and a little blue. Whether it was the Zhongzheng Sword just now or the Zhan Lu Sword now, he was likely to get it, but because of caution and greed, he made a mistake in the past. Boss Yu now has an impulse to vomit blood. That's all for the Zhongzheng Sword. Even if it's Zhang Lingfu's sword, it's only worth a million yuan, and the market can still value it. This Zhan Lu Jian, that is the real national treasure artifact, simply can not give its valuation, sent to the auction, such a thing to sell a price of hundreds of millions of yuan is no problem, the thought of this boss Yu's heart is blocked. Hundreds of millions of wealth, boss Yu could have become a billionaire, but because of a moment of negligence, he gave this opportunity to others. If there were not too many people here, he might have spurted three pots of blood. Around the people at this time can no one to manage boss Yu, everyone is still talking about this Zhan Lu sword. The world's first sword can be reborn in front of their eyes, for them is also a great pride and pride, especially for the official management of Zhengzhou Antique City, at this time the heart has been thinking about how to take this matter as news to a good hype. According to legend, the Zhanlu Sword was cast by Master Ou Yezi and then passed into the hands of the King of Yue. Later, someone contributed the sword to the King of Wu. "Because the King of Wu was fatuous, the Zhanlu Sword flew away automatically when it was not in the hands of the King. From then on, it also had the name of the sword of benevolence!" A man in the crowd whispered, "This is a legend, a rumor that many people have heard." That's right. "Later,14 tube fitting, this sword fell into the hands of Li Mu, a general of the State of Zhao in the Warring States Period. With this sword, Li Mu killed all sides and became one of the four famous generals in the Warring States Period." 。


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