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Zong Zhong wanted to leave but dared not, so he had to come back to the room quickly. But see Chen Ying a face of resentful color, looking at the ceiling, motionless. Suddenly she realized that she didn't want the sweet spring to stay on the mountain. "That's not true," she thought! Rao is not willing to be so angry. !” Turning her eyes, she suddenly burst into tears in the lamplight. She couldn't bear it. She stepped forward and whispered, "Yinger, are you angry with me?" Chen Huiying suddenly sat up straight and said angrily, "Don't talk to me anymore!"! Go find your sweet spring girl. Tears as big as beans fell in a string on his lapel as he spoke, and it was obvious that he was extremely sad. Zong Zhongfu came to his heart and suddenly woke up. "So she doesn't want me to talk to Miss Gan!"! Alas ! Young-ah You, too. As a result, he was so anxious that he felt hot and dry all over his body. He shouted, "You said you were good with me and would never leave me. How could you suddenly teach me to ignore you from now on?" Chen Huiying looked up and saw that he was so anxious that he blushed. I guess what he said was true. She was very pleased and said with a smile: "If you ignore me, I will naturally ignore you!" The smile from the bottom of her heart was as charming as a fledgling Lily, but the sparkling tears hung on her eyelashes and shone brightly. "Don't worry," said Zong Zhong with a straight face! I'm with you. , and no longer with others! If Chen Huiying drank Qiong's oars,cosmetic tube packaging, she was overjoyed. "Who wants you to be with me?" She said angrily! Hurry up and get out. !” "Where to go quickly?" Helian Ronggu suddenly asked with a smile outside the door, and then the man had stepped into the room. Both of them blushed at the same time. Chen Huiying pretended to wipe her hair and dry her tears. "I heard you were invited by the Villa Leader," she said with a smile. "I saw you hadn't come back for a long time, so I asked him to go and have a look." Helian Ronggu looked at her face and knew that this was not the case, but she was too lazy to expose them. She just smiled. The three of them chatted again, and it was nearly the second watch. Zong Zhong was about to go back to his room to have a rest when he saw Xiaofu running into the room and hurriedly reporting to Helian Ronggu, "Girl,polyfoil tube, when a big leader of our gang came back from the outside just now, he said that he met the new'Koizumi 'and ran away with shackles!" Helian Ronggu suddenly changed color and asked, "Did he say where he met her?" "He said he met her on the north side of a small town thirty miles down the north side of the mountain," said Xiaofu. Seeing her galloping with shackles, she knew she must be running away. She stopped her, but she was no match. She was wounded in only one move. He Lianrong shouted, "What do you think of that bitch's martial arts?" Zong Zhong said, "I haven't seen her with my own eyes, but I guess she's not very good at martial arts." "Can I defeat the land?" Chen Huiying interrupted proudly and asked. Zong Zhong nodded repeatedly. Chen Huiying was eager to pull out the thorn in her side. "Godmother," she said to Helian Ronggu, "go and get her back." "No," said Helian Ronggu! It's better to let the clock go. 。” She turned and asked Zong Zhong in a deep voice, aluminium laminated tube ,metal cosmetic tubes, "Because of you, she had to come up the mountain.". And now that she's run away, you should get her back! Ask yourself if you are so sure. ?” "As long as I can meet her, I will catch her back!" Zong Zhong said confidently. "That's what you promised yourself," said Chen Hui-ying. "Don't be obsessed with that bitch and throw it away again." Zong Zhong was said to be red-faced and silent. Helian Ronggu hurriedly said, "Do you know where to chase?" Zong Zhong felt relieved and replied, "I know! I have to go soon. "With that, he quit and went straight down the hill.". Shangguan Ding > > Red Flower Valley Chapter 13 Hundred Days Poison Pill After Zong Zhong left, her mother and daughter argued about whether Zong Zhong could get back the sweet spring, and then went to bed. The morning mist was thick and the sun was about to rise. Suddenly someone knocked at the door of Helian Ronggu's house. Helian Ronggu woke up and got up to open the door. When the door opened, it turned out that Uncle Xie Wangren, the left protector of the gang, was standing at the door. He felt a little bad in his heart and was busy in the room. Xie Wangren is a fellow apprentice of Helian Biao, and his achievements are not inferior to those of Elder Martial Brother. Although he is in the important position of the left protector of Shuntian Gang, he does not live in the gang all the year round. Recently, because Shuntian Gang is busy, he came back to visit. Helian Biao has always been treated as a distinguished guest with great courtesy, and Helian Ronggu has been respectfully called Uncle Xie since childhood. After offering tea, Helian Ronggu went straight to the point and asked with a smile about her arrival in the early morning. Xie Wangren was calm and sophisticated. He said lightly, "Last night, the brothers of our gang reported that Zen Master Chenxuan, the present head of Shaolin, was unable to find Zong Zhong. Word came out that Zong Zhong would go to Honghua Valley in Shaanxi before the end of July. Dai Zong Ruyi would settle the deep enmity of killing his brother Zen Master Chenkong. If it was overdue, he would dig Zong Ruyi's grave." When Helian Rong heard this, her face suddenly changed. She said hurriedly, "Zong Zhong happened to have something to do last night and went down the mountain. He will probably come back sooner or later.". Uncle Xie, does my father know about this? "I've told the two brothers not to tell your father," said Xie Wangren. "I think he may not know. But it can't be kept from him, and I'm going to tell him sooner or later. Helian Ronggu was in a hurry and begged, "My father doesn't like Zong Ruyi and Zong Zhong. Don't tell him for the time being." "You have to say it!" "Of course you have to say it." Helian Ronggu said in a commercial tone, "Let's wait for Zong Zhong to come back. Let's discuss whether to go or not, and how to go. Then we can tell him how to go." Xie Wangren said with displeasure, "There is a saying that the father's debt is repaid by the son. There is nothing to discuss about whether to go or not."! Besides, between Zong Ruyi and Zong Zhong. Recently, it has been said that the relationship between the two is not just between father and son! "He Lian Rong Gu's face was frequently noted in an instant when he said it.". Helian Ronggu couldn't hide it. "Not bad," she said shyly! They are father and son His own flesh and blood, and since yesterday, Zong Zhong has decided to change his surname to Zong, and the original word'Zhong Zong 'has been changed. Uncle Xie said so, and when he came back,custom cosmetic packaging, his niece took him to Honghua Valley. Xie Wangren said slowly, "It's not necessary for you to take him there, and it may not be possible." Impossible?! Why "Helian Ronggu asked in surprise.".


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